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Our expertise and staff

NEP Media Services has a large number of projects to its credit, ranging from entertainment programs to concerts, music videos, commercials/ads and promos.
We have produced several hundred promos for TV3, Viasat 4 and Viasat Sport, and created countless segments for Premier League and Champions League broadcasts for Cmore and Viasat.
We have worked on popular TV series such as Hellstrøm Invites, M!LF (Mannegruppa Ottar), Nabolaget, Sigrid blir mamma and Anne-Kat, to mention just a few.

We are currently entrusted with the main responsibility for editing content for Viasat Sport, and promotional material for MTG Norway.

Hellstrøm Inviterer

Hellstrøm Inviterer was a contest where Master Chef Eivind Hellstrøm competed with Norwegian celebrities to see who could make the best food. The series was filmed and edited in its entirety at the Oslo Broadcast Center. Editing took place right next door to the studio, quite literally as the episodes were being recorded.

In addition to facilitating post production for Nordisk Film, we edited the show and were responsible for online delivery of the finished episodes that were sent to TV3 in London through Mediabank.

En vakker dag med Bjørn Eidsvåg

In the summer of 2011, we provided the post production facilities for offline editing of this series, where the musician Bjørn Eidsvåg invited three guests for a chat in his back yard. In addition to providing facilities for offline editing, we handled the entire online process for the series.

"En vakker dag med Bjørn Eidsvåg" was produced by Monkberry for TV2.

Mannegruppa Ottar

"By men, for men" was the slogan for this politically incorrect comedy series that ran on Viasat 4 in the spring of 2013. Men who are fed up with meterosexual men and nagging girlfriends are finally getting a chance to cultivate their masculinity.

With Geir Schau in the vanguard, the hosts took a stand to defend the idea that men should be allowed to act like men!

The series was recorded in the studio at the Oslo Broadcast Center, and Media Netwerk handled all post production and delivery to the channel using Mediabank.

Hilde & Brede Show

The Hilde and Brede Show was a comedy series that aired on TV2 in 2007. Media Netwerk handled post production for the 10 episodes that comprised season 2 of this series.


Media Netwerk provided editing services for TVNorge's series Anne-Kat. Based on current events, controversial guests and satire, Anne-Kat Hærland hosts a comedy show that delivers finely honed jabs at most groups in Norwegian society. The series was produced by Monkberry for TVNorge.