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When new content is uploaded, Mediabank's servers automatically check its format, time stamps, name designation, audio and image quality, etc., ensuring compliance with the recipient's specifications. If the system detects a fault in any point on its checklist, the file will be transferred to manual check, where any faults will be rectified or notice will be given to the production / post-production company.

Completed, technically approved material will subsequently be forwarded for viewing by those responsible for production and editing.

The R&A process is easy. You can involve individuals in the project, be they project managers, customers, executives or others who are to approve or comment on the video. The whole process is done online and offers tremendous flexibility. It can be done by PC or tablets and both online and offline. The application 'Review & approval' enables you to comment directly on the timeline, initiate a discussion or ask for changes. In the process it is now possible to keep track of the current version at all times, and to see who has been in the loop, and what has been decided when. 'Review and Approval' gives you control of the process, at the same time as it optimizes time use and simplifies day-to-day routines for all involved. Any comments will be distributed by email to all involved every step of the way, each and every time a status is changed.

The illustration shows a screen of the 'Review & Approval' module. If approved, the film will automatically be distributed to destinations according to predefined rules, and notifications to the production chain will be sent by email.

The entire history is logged and can subsequently be used to verify
events or to compare different versions of a film.