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The Library contains low-resolution copies of all films, enabling otipmal streaming over the Internet. The application contains advanced search functions, including smart search, which makes it easy to locate files and keep the archive in order.

Library is a web application that gives you access to your valuable content through a low-res copy that is always online. Use your favorite device to search your media, productions and documents, do smart searches and even save your searches for later use. You can preview clips with the integrated media player and get detailed information about your material. Add tags and comments as you wish. To share your media just drop your clips into one or more Destination containers to execute predefined workflows, e.g. send to an editing suite, send to your YouTube channel etc. The clips will be automatically transcoded and converted to the correct format before distribution.
Using Destinations, an advertising agency, media agency or customer can easily locate older films, and upload them to the distribution point – without expensive intermediaries and time-consuming processes.

All completed and approved content is stored on the Mediabank servers and made available through the online application 'Library'.


With the QuickLink feature you can fast and easy share your media through an open link for a certain period of time. Highly conveniant if your recipient do not have a login to your Library.