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Destinations can refer to anything from TV-broadcasts, your CDN partner, Facebook and other sosial media or distribution channels. Destinations are represented by containers within the web application into which you can drop files for distribution. Every destination has predefined tasks that are carried out in the background in response to a single click. Lets say you drop a video into your ‘Destination Facebook’  the following will happen: It will log in to the account and upload the film accompanied by any description that you might have. An email is subsequently dispatched to all parts involved. All recipients are ensured to get the film in the corret format - all the time. Easy and convenient!

Transport over the Internet is based on a plug-in that optimizes the capacity available at any given time. If necessary, files can also be encrypted during this process. This type of software is used in all our installations, and it enables us to deliver even heavy program files quickly and securely over the Internet.