Other Broadcast Services


NEP Group is in its 8th operating year in Europe as of 2013. Since the beginning, NEP has acquired and consolidated many successful TV-facilities and production companies across Europe.

Today, we pride ourselves with being one of the leading suppliers of TV-productions across northern and central Europe. Mediatec has long term commitment to produce several of the European football- and ice hockey-leagues, in addition to many other sports- as well as entertainment-productions.

Mediatec is a successful company with the ability to invest in and sustain a modern fleet of equipment, ensuring the capacity to deliver ‘one-stop-shopping’ solutions to our customers. We are pleased to offer a broad line of solutions, from small/medium/large HD production units, to playouts, studios, wireless and special cameras, etc.
Mediatec Broadcast in Oslo works in three related business areas: Outside Broadcast, Studio Productions and Playout/MCR Solutions. Together with NEP Media Services AS, we are able to supply complete broadcasting solutions.  

We welcome you to visit us at Oslo Broadcast Center!