Oslo Broadcast Center – Our solutions, your opportunities

The Oslo Broadcast Center is a full-service Broadcast center that features all the facilities, services and technical equipment required for large and small productions for TV and advertising.

We offer services and equipment for every step of a production, ranging from creative pre-production, casting, production and post-production to playout, all in versatile
state-of-the-art premises that maintain an exceptionally high technical standard.

With 400m2 of studio capacity, we can accommodate everything from large-scale productions to less complex broadcasts like football studios and greenscreen recordings.  The studio feeds into our spacious new, very well-equipped control room, featuring all the latest HD technology.  Supplemented by sound suites, executive suites and a separate technical control room, the OBC is one of the most versatile state-of-the-art studio solutions available in Norway today.

The rooftop terrace of the OBC Building provides an outdoor studio with an area of about 100 m2 with fantastic view of the Norway's capital city Oslo as a backdrop.

The OBC has comfortable suites of meeting rooms with space for up to 16 participants, a large, well-equipped kitchen and a cafeteria that seats up to 80 individuals, as well as a make-up room, and other facilities that are of the utmost importance for major productions.  Our garage can accommodate six OB buses and other essential TV-related equipment.  The OB buses can be hooked up to the studio to make parallel studio productions, if so desired.

The OBC also features a fully automated Playout control room, equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions.  We currently do work for four Norwegian TV channels, but we have the capacity for many more.

In addition, the OBC has 16 so-called combi-suites that are outfitted for either commentator work or post-production.  All these suites feature full redundancy and flexibility. Audio and video feed into our central router, allowing complete freedom in connection with production. At the OBC, absolutely everything is in place to ensure your company optimal use, efficient operations and, not least, maximum security.

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